Product Cat. No Standard Pack
Automated Tissue Microarrayer UATM-272A 1set
ATM puncher tip hole size 1.0mm UATM-272A-T10 1ea
ATM puncher tip hole size 2.0mm UATM-272A-T20 1ea
ATM puncher tip hole size 3.0mm UATM-272A-T30 1ea
ATMA premade recipient block holder-A UATM-272A-HA 1set
ATMA premade recipient block holder-B UATM-272A-HB 1set

  • Users can purchase the additional recipient blocks and puncher tips from Unitma.

    One year Warranty
    Automated Tissue Microarrayer One Year Warranties provide comprehensive coverage for normal use and wear of all instrument parts and components. Excess wear and misuse may incur additional repair costs. Refer to the user guide for the details.

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