TMA by the manual Tissue Microarrayer(Quick Ray)

1. Place the reference slide and the donor block on the microscope stage, and mark the position with an oil pen, where you intend to extract the sample tissue .

2. Extract the marked tissue from the donor block by Quick-RayTM

3. Deliver the extracted tissue into the corresponding holes of the recipient block supplied by UNITMA

4. Put the completed recipient block into the base mold with the face to be sectioned down and place it in an oven at 70 degree celsius for 30 to 60 minutes until the block is completely transparent, then take it out from the oven.

5. Place an embedding cassette on the top of transparent block and dispense liquid paraffin into the base mold adequately covering the cassette.
6. Solidify the block in cold plate

7. Sectioning by a microtome   
8. Follow the next workflow