The Paraffin Block Trimmer ( generally called Wax Trimmer, Paraffin Trimmer, Wax Remover, Paraffin Remover, Dewaxer etc) is one of the histology equipment used for the research.

The Paraffin Block Trimmer enables the researchers to trim the paraffin blocks automatically. This instrument removes only paraffin residues around the paraffin blocks without damage to the tissue samples or the plastic cassette.

When users load the paraffin blocks finished the embedding process, the blocks moves into the instrument to trim the paraffin residues and the trimmed block is discharged from the outlet of the instrument.

Eventually, this instrument also enables to save the research time and to prevent the users from any injuries caused by the conventional trimming way.

  • Save labor time of researchers
  • Protect researchers from any physical damages which may be caused by conventional trimming tools.
  • Max. 750 paraffin blocks can be trimmed in an hour.
  • Semipermanant life time of trimming modules
  • Accept the various kinds of embedding cassettes.

1) Check the size of the blocks applicable to the instrument
2) Prepare for the blocks in order
3) Check the instrument inside out and clear
4) Place an array plate after opening the upper door and close the door.
5) Power switch "On" and then the front lamp turn to " Red".
6) Press Green button to start
7) Put the blocks on the inclined way with the front bevel of the block toward the inlet, and push the block into the inlet, and press the block slightly for a second, then the block will move into the instrument.
8) When paraffin blocks are precisely placed on the block tray, press the 'Start' button located at the left side of slot (red button). Then the loaded blocks are transferred to the rear area of the instrument for the trimming procedure.
9) The block will move into the trimming module to trim the right and left side of the block first, Then, move to the right to trim the other two sides.
10)The trimmed block will come out from the trimming module and laid by 10 blocks and arrayed block x 5 lines (50 block) on the plate.
11) Then, the alarm sounds 3 times
12) After the alarm sounds, please stop inputting the blocks and open the upper door.
13) Take out the array plate to replace it with a new array plate to continue trimming.
14) Turn off the power switch when the work is finished completely.
15) After the trimming, a user need to clear the paraffin debris in the trash box and around the trimming module with opening the upper doors.


Paraffin Blocks

(Before Trimming), (After Trimming)

List Description
Product name Paraffin Block Trimmer(UPBT-1011)
Power supply voltages 110 VAC / 220 VAC
Nominal frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Weight (net) 47kg
Max Size (W x D x H) 580 x 477 x 280 mm
Operating temperature range Room temperature
Relative humidity Max. 80% non-condensing
Humidity during transportation/storage < 80%
Trimming capacity about 750 blocks per hour
Operating environment Indoor use only
Certification / Approval ISO / CE / FCC